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This book on Mathematical Foundations has been written in conformity with the syllabus for the P.G.D.C.A classes. The aim of this book is to provide the students with the basic knowledge in the subject. We have given in the book the Definitions, Theorems and Observations, followed by typical problems and the step by step solution. This book aims at an exhaustive coverage of the curriculum and there is definitely an attempt to kindle the student’s creative ability. While preparing for the examination students should not restrict themselves only to the questions / problems given in the self evaluation. They must be prepared to answer the questions and problems from the entire book. We welcome suggestions from students, teachers and academicians so that this book may further be improved upon. We thank the Almighty God for blessing our endeavor and we do hope that the academic community will find this book triggering their interests on the subject!

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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