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3 Dimensional Scanner
от 5 016 руб.

Modern Technology seeks to come up with innovative medical solutions for those who have unfortunately lost any of their limbs. These efforts are aimed at conjuring up any more comfort for those who endure the agony of spending a part of their lives without one of their vital parts of life. Prosthetic limbs are being used to give amputees a semblance of a normal life. However, the favored process of making prosthetic limbs in today''s world is not only painstaking but also inaccurate and thus leaves a lot to be desired. Our project aims at reducing the time and cost of this process to alleviate the suffering of amputees. Moreover, the inaccuracies in the adjustments of prosthetic limbs also cause a lot of discomfort to the patients and hence need to be tackled seriously. We have tried to employ the immense advancement in today''s science and technology to solve these problems and come up with pragmatic solutions for them. In this project, we have strived to produce a special purpose...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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