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Heterocyclic Synthesis By Microwave Techniques
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The heterocycles are of immense importance not only both biologically and industrially but to the functioning of any developed human society as well. Their participation in a wide range of areas cannot be underestimated. The majority of pharmaceutical products that mimic natural products with biological activity are heterocycles. Most of the significant advances against disease have been made by designing and testing new structures, which are often hetero aromatic derivatives. In addition, a number of pesticides, antibiotics, alkaloids, and cardiac glycosides are heterocyclic natural products of significance for human and animal health. Therefore, researchers are on a continuous pursuit to design and produce better pharmaceuticals, pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides, and weed killers. A significant part of such biologically active compounds is composed of heterocycles. These compounds play a major part in biochemical processes and the side groups of the most typical and essential...

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