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The World of Fractals
от 2 513 руб.

The branchy system of trachea tubules, the leaves of the trees, the veins on our hands, river basins, lightning – all these are fractals. The purpose underlying the studies into chaos and fractals is to find evidence of the objective laws governing systems which are seemingly unpredictable and absolutely chaotic. The goal of this book is to focus the geometry knowledge obtained in school on the development of fractal thinking. This includes problems in fractal geometry, whose realization leads to the creation of basic structures of the most famous fractals. Through the modelling of fractals we begin to review our understanding of objects, which only look unpredictable. We are introduced to the basics of complex processes, in order to better comprehend them. It turns out, that behind the existence of a complex model, there lies a simple process of creation, through the repetition of fundamental elements. Thus, we can predict the objective laws governing the chaotic systems and...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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