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Application of quantum computing to game theory
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Quantum game theory is an interdisciplinary field. It combines two completely separate disciplines greatly developed by John von Neumann: game theory and quantum information theory. Like in classical game, in quantum game one can point out all basic notions that are used to define a classical game like a set of players, sets of strategies for the players and a payoff function. On the other hand all these notions are expressed with the use of mathematical methods for quantum information like linear operators and unit vectors of a complex Hilbert space in accordance with the postulates of quantum mechanics. This new approach to the description of a game constitutes its strict generalization. For example, quantum game theory allows one to write any finite strategic game in the language of linear algebra in such a way that a classical game and its quantum counterpart are indistinguishable from game theory point of view. However, the most interesting property is that quantum information...

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