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Microwave Assisted Synthesis Of Pyrazolyl Benzenesulfonamides
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Microwave-assisted organic synthesis (MAOS) continues to be a popular theme within the realm of organic and medicinal chemistry community. Amongst the many five membered heterocycles, considerable interest has been focused on the pyrazole nucleus, which is known to possess a broad spectrum of biological properties such as hypoglycemic, cytotoxic, anti-malarial and antidepressant activities. Sulphonamides substituted on nitrogen of sulphonamido group such as sulphatihiazole, sulphapyridine, sulphadiazine, etc. show various biological activities. The present work describes the utility of microwave irradiation in the synthesis of some novel pyrazole derivatives which is somehow linked to sulphonamidophenyl group. All the synthesized compounds have been characterised by IR, NMR and Mass Spectral data. This book will surely help the researchers working in the area of Green Chemistry for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds using microwave technology.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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