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Tetraaryl-1,3-Diazaadamantan-6-ones: Synthesis and Stereochemistry
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Adamantane is the important class of polycyclic compounds with number of interesting biological properties. The cage structure of adamantane is reflected in its highly unusual physical and chemical properties. The chemistry of adamantane and its derivatives are of interest for their use as high-density energetic materials, host-guest compounds, combinatorial chemistry, optically active organic molecules and dendric macromolecules. Tetra aryl-substituted cage hydrocarbons with tetrahedral symmetry are the potential precursors for energetic materials, dendrimers, star shaped molecules and molecules of interest in combinatorial chemistry. 1,3-Diazaadamantane derivatives are of great importance as conformationally rigid analogues of pharmacologically active molecules. In this present work new derivatives of 4,8,9,10-Tetraaryl-1,3-diazaadamantan-6-ones have been synthesized and their stereochemistry have been studied using 2D NMR techniques since the biological activities are often...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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