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Introduction to the Chemistry of Alicyclic Compounds
от 6 039 руб.

This book presents a brief introduction to the chemistry of alicyclic compounds. Cyclic compound any one of a class of compounds whose molecules contain a number of atoms bonded together to form a closed chain or ring. If all of the atoms that form the ring are carbon, the compound is said to be carbocyclic; if not, the compound is called heterocyclic. It is necessary to understand some of the language used to describe the stereochemistry of alicyclic compounds. Alicyclic compounds behave chemically like the open-chain aliphatic compounds. This book is aimed at providing the reader with theoretical, usable knowledge that will allow hem to carry out research and development in alicyclic chemistry. The book improves the reader ability to solve synthetic problems in alicyclic chemistry. This book contains some important topics include types of aliphatic cyclic compounds, nomenclature, physical properties, stereochemistry and methods of preparation of different types of alicyclic...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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