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Lumped Parameter Modeling and Model Parameter Estimation
от 8 086 руб.

Soil-structure interaction is one of the most interesting topics in Geotechnical Engineering. Several factors render the mechanical response of soils to be markedly nonlinear, irreversible and time-dependent. In order to obtain reliable information for such practical problems, it is ardently necessary to take the aid of modeling and idealizing some specific aspects of soil behavior. This book reveals the efficacy of Lumped Parameter Modeling technique for a reliable prediction of the flexural response of footings resting on unreinforced and reinforced elastic, elastoplastic and viscoelastic foundation beds. Governed by the model complexity, the main shortcoming of such technique rests with the model parameter estimation. Based on observational data, this book illustrates the effectiveness of Inverse Analysis Technique aided with Optimization Algorithm in overcoming such deficiency. The various contents of this book shall largely help the students to understand the encompassed subject...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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