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Schiff Base Metal Complex
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Compounds containing an azomethine group (-CH=N-) are known as Schiff bases and they are usually formed by the condensation of a primary amine with a carbonyl compound. Azomethines compounds are contain –C=N- group. These compounds are also known as imines or anils but most commonly, they are known as Schiff bases to honor Hugo Schiff1, who synthesized these compounds first, They are well known intermediate for the preparation of azetidinone2, thiazolidinone3 etc. Approximately thirty elements are essential to life As might be expected, the elemental components of proteins, carbohydrates and bone are required in relatively large amounts, including H, Na, K, Mg, Ca, C, N, O, P, S and Cl. There are relatively few metal-based drugs in use, in spite of some notable successes, such as the revolutionary cancer drug, cisplatin.Schiff bases are associated with a wide variety of biological activities and therapeutic applications such as, 1. Anti-inflammatory 2. Antifungal 3. Antitumor...

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