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Mathematics Trainee Teachers' Conceptions of Proof Writing in Algebra
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Many students seem to have difficulty understanding the concept of proof and yet this concept constitutes an integral part of the syllabus in the training of mathematics teachers. This book is a study that investigated students’ conceptions in algebraic proofs. Data was collected by means of a self-administered questionnaire, a written diagnostic test and oral interviews. The three instruments were used to provide multiple views to triangulate the data. Results from the questionnaire were categorised, graphed and analysed. Results from the test and the interview were analysed mainly by utilising van Hiele levels three and four of descriptors to determine whether these levels had an influence on the nature of proofs produced by the students. The results show that students seem to understand proof as a verification and confirmation tool as many of them applied empirical approaches in their written proofs. These findings will guide curricula designers and teachers of proof related...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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