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Free Convective MHD Boundary Layer Flows
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In this work an attempt is made to study the effects of heat and mass transfer on MHD free convective viscous incompressible electircally conducting fluid boundary layer flows past a vertical plate.In chapter 1 the effects of radiation absorption and chemical reaction on unsteady MHD free convective flow through porous medium is studied.In chapter 2 the effect of magnetic field and radiation on unsteady MHD flow in the presence of thermal diffusion.In chapter 3 thermal diffusion on unsteady heat and mass transfer flow with variable temperature and mass diffusion is studied.In chapter 4 the effects of heat source, radiation absorption on heat and mass transfer flow past a linearly accelerated vertical plate in the presence of first order chemical reaction is studied.In chapter 5 the effects of chemical reaction and radiation on hydrodynamic flow discussed in two cases (i) and (ii) for both magnetic and non-magnetic cases.In all above chapters the solution for velocity, temperature and...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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