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Synthetic Chalcones and Their Biological Activity
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The chemistry of chalcones has been recognized as a significant field of study. The continuous growth of publications in this area is undoubtedly a reflection of the interest is receiving throughout the world. This naturally occurring pigments serve as the starting material for the synthesis of various classes of widely distributed and naturally occurring flavanoids. The chalcones having an ?, ? unsaturated ketone system, serve as important Michael acceptors. They serve as synthon in various chemical transformations for the synthesis of biodynamic molecules such as five membered (pyrazolines, pyrazoles, isooxazolines), sixmembered (pyridines, pyrimidines, flavones), sevenmembered (diazepines, thiazepines) heterocyclic and carbocyclic systems. These heterocycles constitute the major share of the synthetic drugs, which are capable of performing variety of functions. A wide spectrum of pharmacological properties is associated with chalcone darivatives. Therefore the chemistry of...

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