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Theory and Principles of Jute Card Design
от 8 086 руб.

This book is, therefore, a maiden attempt in thatdirection giving the principles of design of animportant jute-processing machine like jute card.Great Britain has been the pioneer in the design andmanufacture of jute machinery in ninteenth centurytill first part of twentieth century after thesuccess in introducing mechanical processingmachinery for cotton and flax beginning in eighteenthcentury during Britain?s industrial revolution.Cotton machinery is not so rugged in comparison toflax and jute machinery but more intricate. Thismight have arisen from the necessity to combat thecoarse and long fibre structure. In pre-independencetime of India when Britishers established jute millson the banks of the river Ganges, all the machinerywere imported from Great Britain and installed in themills. Their size was so gigantic and rugged suchthat workers used to call the jute card particularly“ Hati Kall “ in Bengali meaning elephantine machine.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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