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The opportunity to use the CDMA platform to add afixed wireless service feature represents an addedadvantage for operators. Because CDMA has amplespectrum to provide a fixed service on top of mobile,several operators are exploring using terminals thatwould be able to shift the handset between fixed andmobile service, depending on where the user is.CDMA service providers have a strong advantage whenpursuing the market to the minutes-of-use model,given the longevity of CDMA handset battery life andthe higher quality of the voice signal. A recentanalysis of wireless it is found that CDMAoutperformed other digital and analog technologies onevery front, including signal quality, security,power consumption, and reliability.This Thesis book is organize into 7 chapter,starting with the introduction to cdma, basic conceptcdma system and processing to the more advancedconcept and feature in the most recent releases ofcdma technology.

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