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During the last two decades functionalization of polymer surfaces has been recognized as a valuable tool to improve their adhesion properties. It is very interesting research field due to its wide range of applications in engineering and physical and biological behaviors.The polymers can be functionalized either by introducing functional groups to the polymer using normal chemical reaction or by physical methods using polyethylene or polypropylene. The other method of functionalization is to synthesize new monomers containing the desired functional groups followed by polymerization of the monomers. The first route of modification of existing polymers is faced by some problems such as the medium of the reaction and the extent of modification. Therefore, the aim of the present work is to synthesize a new monomer by the reaction of acryloyl chloride with different reactant such as aniline, naphthylamine, salicylic acid, 8-aminoquniline and 4-Hydroxybenzalthiobarbituric acid.These...

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