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Design and synthesis of potential chemotherapeutic agents
от 5 312 руб.

Research in the field of heterocyclic and carbohydrate chemistry has experienced a remarkable surge in recent years due to their variety in structure, chemical reactivity and their pervasive presence in nature. Number of chemotherapeutic agents has been emerging from these classes of compounds against various diseases including tuberculosis and lymphatic filariasis. These two diseases are posing a major public health problem mostly in developing countries. This book describes the design and synthesis of novel bioactive heterocyclic and carbohydrate derivatives and different techniques which are being employed for investigating antitubercular and antifilarial activities. This book also provides the structural elucidation of many heterocyclic and carbohydrate based molecules in detail using IR, NMR and mass spectroscopy. This book would be beneficial for advanced undergraduates and graduates, who are at the beginning of their research careers. It will also be very useful as a reference...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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