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Classical q-Numbers: A Study of the Case q = -1
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Several of the classical sequences in enumerative combinatorics have q-generalizations arising as generating functions for statistics defined on finite discrete structures. When q = 1, these generating functions reduce to the original sequences. When q = -1, on the other hand, one gets the difference in cardinalities between those members of a set having an even value for some statistic (on the set) with those members having an odd value. The current text provides a systematic study of the case q = -1, giving both algebraic and combinatorial treatments. For the latter, appropriate sign-reversing involutions are defined on the associated class of discrete structures. Among the structures studied are permutations, binary sequences, Laguerre configurations, derangements, Catalan words, and finite set partitions. As a consequence of our results, we obtain bijective proofs of congruences involving Stirling, Bell, and Catalan numbers. This text studies an...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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