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Wear Mechanism of Diamond Tools during Ultra Precision Machining
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Tool wear of a costly material like diamond has always been precursor and thus a matter of concern during ultra precision engineering operations of silicon based semiconductors. Despite being hard, diamond tool wears out unpredictably. Tool wear not only raises the operational cost but also degrades the attainable finish and hence the product quality.In this book, an attempt has been made to arrive at a phenomenological understanding of tool wear mechanism of diamond tools. The technique employed for the purpose is deterministic in nature and is called as molecular dynamics(MD) simulation. This state of art method is capable to simulate atomic level phenomena occurring at picoseconds to femtoseconds time scale.A brief introduction on the current theoretical and research canon related to ultra precision engineering and one of its established branch known as single point diamond turning which has now been extended to single point diamond machining has also been given. I hope that this...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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