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Advances in Laser Surface Treatment of Engineering Ceramics
от 8 086 руб.

Laser surface treatment of engineering ceramics offers many advantages in comparison with conventional processing techniques. Having said that, it is still difficult to laser process engineering ceramics without using any pre-or-post heating methods due to the general nature of the ceramics. This book identifies the broader effects of various laser surface treatment conditions, characterization techniques, assessment and identification of a method to determine the fracture toughness property, K1c, and the development of a thermal FEM of laser surface treated engineering ceramics. In addition, the contributions of laser-beam brightness as a parameter of laser processing and the influence thereof on the engineering ceramics have been identified from a fundamental viewpoint. The outcome of this book could be the adoption and further development of laser assisted ceramic processing techniques such as joining (welding) and in applications where laser beam surface modification and...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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