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The aim of this project is to develop a prototype “Intelligent Microphone System”. The system is able to adjust the height of the microphone automatically to suit the different speaker’s height so that manual adjusting is not need, which is more reliable and time effective. This height detection is done by means of continuous monitoring the audio signal produced by the speaker while speaking.Unlike the existing microphone system, this project aims to use “BASIC Stamp 2P 40-pin” to decide whether the audio level is high or low and according to that it controls the motor. Motor is using power screw method for vertical translation and eventually the microphone moves up or down accordingly. Unfortunately the prototype described in this thesis does not fully minimize the noise level. So as a matter of fact the noise level is also affects the system. But solution to this problem is also described as a feature improvement. Moreover many calibrations were held for the system. In the end it...

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