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Аудиокнига «World Wonders 1»
от 967 руб.

World Wonders is a four-level series for 9-11 year olds that capitalises on National Geographic photography and facts via reading texts and DVD clips. It also features an exciting adventure cartoon story for Levels 1 & 2. The course is structured around the Student's Books that contain twelve eight-page core units plus six review units. Stunning National Geogrpahic photos used in unit openers and Lesson 2s. Episodes of the cartoon story in Lesson 1s that are age appropriate. Cross-curricular non-fiction reading texts in Lesson 2s that are inspired by National Geographic content. Reading texts in Lesson 3s that brings the theme of each unit down to student's reality. Vocabulary taught in context and in word sets. Concise grammar presentations and tasks. Sounds of English (pronunciation). Guess what! (non-fiction trivia). Strong writing sub-skill syllabus (punctuation, connectors, reference words, etc). Memorable,...

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