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A cursory glance at the recent literature on criminal statistics reveals and brings to light a significant shift in the level of mathematical and statistical rigor brought to research efforts concerning Crime and Justice. Now-a-days modeling in criminology is new and fascinating. Police efficiency is an important aspect of police finding to improve police performance. This book has brought out to develop some Criminometric models based on some probability distributions to measure the efficiency of police force.A criminometric model based on a probability distribution function similar to an exponential distribution has been developed to measure the performance of police force in terms of police augmenting technological change. Two types of logistic specifications namely type I and Type II generalized half logistic probability distribution functions have been used to propose two types of criminometric models to measure the police efficiency.The relative efficiency of the police force...

  • Издатель
    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Год
  • Дата релиза
    10 Августа 2016
  • Формат
    288 стр.
  • ISBN